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Use Agreement

Use of the enclosed product(s) indicates full acceptance by the Purchaser of this Use Agreement. Purchaser acknowledges erotic e-stim has associated risks and agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Use Agreement.

Limitation of Liability

Purchaser assumes all risk and liability for loss, damage, or injury to Purchaser, others, and property arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use ErosTek products (the “Product”). ErosTek and their related companies, members, agents, employees, affiliates, and consultants (collectively the “Manufacturer”) will in no event be liable to Purchaser, or any persons or entity claiming through Purchaser, for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or other damages under any theory of law for any use, misuse, or inability to use the Product even if the Manufacturerr was aware of the possibility of such damages.


Purchaser hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, the Manufacturerr from any and all claims, demands, causes of actions, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from the use, misuse, or inability to use the Product.

Binding Arbitration

Purchaser agrees that any claim or dispute arising out of use, misuse, or inability to use the Product shall be submitted to an independent and objective aribitrator for binding arbitration. The Purchaser agrees binding arbitration shall be the sole remedy for any claim and they expressly waive their right to file a lawsuit in any civil court seeking remedies from the Manufacturerr except to enforce a legally binding arbitration decision.


The Purchaser may return the unused product(s) for a full refund without penalty if they do no accept this Agreement.

Read This Page Before Using


The ET312B, like most electrostimulation devices, can cause serious harm if misused. Always make all connections with the power OFF. Current passed through the heart, neck or head can be fatal. If you have any doubt about the safe use of electrostimulation, consult a physician and ErosTek before using.

Use the ET312B at your own risk understanding the ET312B may be harmful if misused. Given the nature of electrostimulation, ErosTek cannot be liable for any damage or harm of any kind caused by or related to ErosTek products. Treat the ET312B like a sharp knife or power tool. It must be used properly or injury may result.

IMPORTANT! E-stim devices are NOT for use by or on anyone with implanted electronic devices – pacemakers, defibrillators, drug pumps, etc. – heart problems, heart disease, epilepsy, brain disorders, nervous system disorders, a history of strokes or seizures, serious skin problems or similar medical conditions. Not for use by pregnant women, women who might be pregnant, or anyone under the age of 18. Current passed through the heart, neck or head can be fatal. Keep away from children.

The ET312B is intended for use only by healthy, consenting adults familiar with safe electrostimulation and proper operation of the ET312B. If excessive soreness, skin irritation or other conditions develop, discontinue use. Use care in operating the device until you’re familiar with it. Sudden stimulation at high levels may cause muscle injuries, a person to fall, or other harm.

Use the ET312B only with attachments and accessories designed for safe electrostimulation. Do not attach it to body piercings or similarly small electrodes. Do not connect the channels together except as shown in section A4 of this Guide. Do not attempt to open, repair or modify the ET312B. Use only the correct AC adapter.

Make sure you connect any external equipment to the proper jacks. Electro-stimulation uses electrical signals that can damage sensitive audio and computer equipment. If connections are made to the wrong jacks, the connected equipment may be damaged. Always make all connections with the power turned off.

Do not use the ET312B in conjunction with “violet wand” type devices. The extremely high voltages produced by these units can damage the ET312B and many other electronic devices.


The ET312B is the most advanced unit of its kind and offers many unique sensations. Before you go any further, please make sure you have read the Important Safety Information on page 3 . If you’re new to electrostimulation or just like to keep things simple, you need only read sections 2 – 4 to get started while sections 5 – 13 offer more details and let you get the most from your ET312B.

The ET312B is like a fully automatic camera which makes things simple by making most of the adjustments for you. And, like a professional camera, it also offers optional features for the more experienced user. The Advanced Topics section is for more advanced users. Regardless of the features used, the ET312B offers superior performance when compared to any erotic electrostim product.


Erotic electrostimulation (e-stim) is yet another example of how technology is improving our lives. Partners have discovered it’s the perfect enhancement to spice up their love life. Individuals find it takes masturbation to a whole new level with some even experiencing “hands free” orgasms. Still others use it for erotic BDSM play where it creates high-intensity sensations without causing the lingering discomfort and possible harm you get with other techniques.

Electrostimulation, in one form or another, has been around for decades. It’s commonly used, for example, in physical therapy and pain management by the medical community. The ET312B produces a similar output to medical TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) units.

The ET312B works by using a special waveform made up of high frequency pulses. This current stimulates the nerves and muscles in unique ways and flows between two pairs of contacts (often called electrodes) connected to each channel of the ET312B.

Some erotic e-stim accessories have a pair of contacts built in. We call these “bipolar” electrodes and they usually have an attached leadwire that plugs directly into the ET312B or they have two (2) connections points. Other electrodes only have a single connection. These are called “monopolar” electrodes. These must be used in pairs. The leads supplied with the ET312B work with many popular erotic accessories and can be adapted to fit any accessory using the appropriate wiring adapter.


Using the ET312B is very simple. Just follow these easy steps:

1 – Connect the supplied AC Adapter to the 12vdc jack when the battery needs charging. The ET312B may be used while charging.

2 – Make sure the unit is OFF and connect the desired accessories to the output jacks. Both plugs of each leadwire must be connected to an electrode surface to form a complete circuit for current to flow. Keep all connections below the waist and follow the directions supplied with your accessories.

3 – Turn on both Level controls all the way down (to the left).

4 – Press the power switch in to turn the unit ON.

5 – Use the white Up/Down keys to select the desired mode (see section 10). The name of each mode is displayed on the LCD.

6 – Set the Level and MultiAdjust controls to produce the desired stimulation. More information can be found on pages 6 – 15.


Be sure you have read the Important Safety Information printed at the front of this Guide. Like many things in life, electrostimulation is not without risks. It must be performed properly and there are certain people who should not use ANY electrostimulation devices including the ET312B – this includes anyone with a heart condition.

In general, electrostimulation should only be performed below the waist. It is extremely important to avoid passing current through the heart, neck, or head areas. You need only grab a bare metal connector or electrode when the unit is on and wired to at least one other point on the body. The current will travel from below your waist, through the heart area and to your hand. Always turn the ET312B OFF when making, changing, or removing connections.

The ET312B should only be used with accessories and electrodes designed for safe e-stim. Never make connections to body jewelry or similarly small electrodes. Do not use electrodes made of toxic metals such as lead solder. If you intend to use the ET312B on someone else, you should experiment with it on yourself before connecting it to someone else. Also, avoid splitting a single channel to connect more than one person at a time.



The ET312B has six connection jacks along the lower right side of the front panel as shown below. Most of the jacks accept the same style plug so it’s important to use care in making connections.

12 VDC Input – This is where you connect the supplied AC Power Adapter to charge the battery. Use only the adapter supplied with your unit or one approved by ErosTek. Early ET312Bs came with a 12VDC unregulated adapter that had a fixed input voltage – 120 VAC in the USA and 240 VAC in EU and other countries – and a variable output voltage which depended on the load applied. The newest ET312Bs ship with a worldwide universal AC adapter that provides a regulated output of 15VDC and comes with different AC plugs to connect to most power outlets. In either case, an output having a center positive (+) polarity with 500mA rating is required for connection to the ET312B. Connecting a higher output voltage or one with the wrong polarity will most likely damage the charging circuit inside the ET312B.

Output A & B – The output jacks are labeled “A-Out-B” and each operates independently. Most erotic accessories will either plug right into these jacks or can be used with the supplied banana plug cables. If you want to use TENS style pads, or certain other electrodes, we stock a range of cables, adapters and accessories on our online shop. You can also purchase 3.5mm (1/8”) 2 conductor (mono) plugs and cables at your ErosTek dealer or local electronics store. Always make connections with the ET312B turned OFF.

Audio Input – Using the supplied stereo cable, you can connect most any audio device with a headphone jack to this input. Some common audio sources include portable music players, smartphones, the sound output from a computer or “sound and light” relaxation devices. You may want to use a widely-available “Y” cable allowing you to connect both the ET312B and your headphones to the audio device. Disconnect audio devices when you are not using them. Audio devices should only be used in the audio modes.

Microphone Input – Connect the supplied microphone to this input for creative audio stimulation. Other microphones may also be used. See Advanced Topics section A5 for more information.

Link Connector – This is a proprietary digital interface that serves multiple purposes. First, it allows the ET312B to be connected to a personal computer running ErosLink™ software (see section A6). The cable and software are available separately. Second, it allows two ET312B units to be connected together in a master slave configuration. The slave unit will “mirror” what the master unit is doing providing four channels of stimulation controlled from one unit. Linking two units requires an inexpensive optional Link Cable available from our online shop, or you can fabricate your own – see Section A2.

IMPORTANT!Make certain you never connect an audio device, computer, or microphone, to the A or B Output jacks! While this will not harm the ET312B, it can easily damage the external equipment. Unfortunately, the erotic e-stim industry standardized on a common audio connector for their accessories. This makes it easy to plug things into the wrong jacks and subject external equipment to the e-stim signals. Always make connections with the power turned OFF.


You’ll need erotic accessories or electrodes that allow the ET312B to be connected to the body. A wide variety of erotic electrodes are available and selection is a matter of gender and personal preference. ErosTek or your dealer can assist you in choosing the best ones for your interests.

Your ET312B comes with:


The ET312B offers a wide variety of e-stim options yet is very easy to use. There are multiple e-stim patterns or routines available. These are called “Modes.” You can further tailor each mode to your tastes.

For normal operation, simply make the desired connections, make sure that output levels for both channels, A and B, are at their minimum, turn the ET312B ON, choose a mode, and gradually increase the output level. The MultiAdjust control can be used to easily fine-tune the sensations.

Refer to the Front Panel Diagram on the next page for control locations and descriptions.

Power Switch – The power switch is located just to the left of the connection jacks. Make your connections and turn the level controls fully down before turning the ET312B on. Push the button in to turn the unit on, and push it again to turn it back off. Don’t forget and leave the ET312B ON without it being powered by its AC adapter. Allowing the battery to go dead can cause permanent damage and reduce the operating time. Replacement battery modules are available from ErosTek.

Level A & Level B – These adjust the output intensity for each channel. Fully counterclockwise (to the left) is all the way down. The intensity level is shown on the LCD from 00 to 99. It is normal to feel the output sometimes increase in small “steps.” It is also normal for the displayed level to skip a number with gradual adjustments.

MultiAdjust (MA) – This single control adjusts the optimum parameters for most modes. After you’ve selected a mode, and set the Level control(s), use the MA control to fine tune the output for the desired effect or to provide added variety. In some modes, the MA control may take a few moments to respond.

UP – In normal operation, this key advances to the next mode – see Section 10. When the last mode is reached, the menu “wraps around” back to the first mode. It is also used to make adjustments in the Advanced Menus. See Section A2 for more information.

DOWN – This has the opposite effect of the UP key. It selects the previous mode or setting and also “wraps around” as above. It provides a faster way to access the upper modes.

MENU – This optional key is used to enter and exit the Advanced Menus. This key is not required for normal automatic operation. See Advanced TopicsSection A2 – for more information.

OK – This optional key is used to confirm Advanced Menu choices. This key is not required for normal automatic operation. See Advanced TopicsSection A2 – for more information.

LED Indicators – A red LED for each channel is located under the LCD display. These provide an approximate indication of what each output is doing. This is especially useful if you’re using the ET312B on someone else.

LCD Adjustment – The display does not normally require adjustment. If you’re having trouble reading the LCD display, see the Troubleshooting section for more information.


The ET312B has a lighted LCD for ease of use. When first turned ON, it will display a copyright message and a progressive bar as the various self tests are run. When the tests are complete, the ET312B displays the result for a few seconds including firmware version:

Next, the following will be displayed:

The “99%” is the approximate battery charge level from 0 to 99%. Press any of the white or gray square keys and the unit will begin normal operation. The following will be displayed:

The “Ramp: XX” will display for a few seconds as the output gradually increases to avoid any sudden surprises if you forgot and started with the level controls turned up.

This soft ramp function automatically happens whenever you select a new mode as some modes may feel more intense than others. The number “XX” displayed after ramp shows you the ramp level from 00 to 99%. After the ramp is complete, the ET312B will display something like this:

The “A00 B00” represent the setting of the Level controls from 00 to 99%. This allows precise adjustment of the controls and makes the ET312B easier to use in low-light conditions. “Waves” indicates the current mode. Pressing the DOWN or UP [↓↑] keys will change the current mode. This lower line is used to guide the user in operating the ET312B.


The ET312B offers 18 factory-loaded modes or stimulation routines. They are easily selected with the UP and DOWN keys and each is displayed on the LCD. Feel free to experiment as they’re better experienced than described. Until you’re used to what each one does, you may want to turn down the levels slightly before changing modes.

Waves – This mode constantly adjusts several parameters differently for each channel. This results in creative interplay between the channels so Waves is best enjoyed with both channels connected to different areas on the body. MultiAdjust (MA) changes the speed from very gradual to brisk.

Stroke – This mode provides a unique “push/pull” effect with Channel A having a deeper or longer stroke. The MA control adjusts the stroke rate. A common hook up is to connect Channel A “internally” and channel B externally for coordinated “thrusting” and “stroking.” You may have to use different level settings with Stroke, so use care when switching between Stroke and other modes.

Climb – This mode increases the frequency in three different “blocks” at different rates. The MA control adjusts the overall speed.

Combo – This mode combines several effects. The level and frequency subtly change and the MA control sets the on/off rate or allows continuous stimulation with it all the way up.

Intense – This mode supplies continuous stimulation on Channel A and gated stimulation on Channel B. The MA control adjusts the pulse frequency over a wide range and changes the “feel.” Some find this mode creates “urgency” and possibly even orgasm.

Rhythm – This mode toggles the outputs on and off at a rate ranging from slow to very fast (set by the MA control). At the same time, the output is grouped into “blocks” that get gradually stronger. Use care with setting the level as this mode slowly grows.

Audio Modes – For all the audio modes, an audio source must be connected to the Audio input jack, or the supplied microphone should be connected to the Mic jack. When adjusting the audio modes, first turn up MA control until the LEDs are flashing fairly brightly and then turn up the output Level controls. Otherwise you may get an unpleasant surprise if the audio signal suddenly gets louder. The MA control – or the volume control on your audio source – should be adjusted so the LEDs flicker from dim to bright. If it’s set too high, the desirable effects are lost. If it’s set too low, the stimulation will be weak.

Split – This mode splits the channels so you can run a different mode on each. From the factory, Channel A is set to Stroke and Channel B is set to Waves. See Advanced – Section A2 – for information on how to choose different selections for Split.

Random1 – This mode randomly selects from the first 6 modes and runs each for a random length with MA value set to a random value. This provides an extremely wide variety of stimulation. MA control has no effect.

Random2 – This mixes several random effects and changes them at various intervals. It’s never the same mode twice! MA control has no effect.

Toggle – This mode simply alternates a constant output back and forth between the two channels. MA control adjusts the rate. This produces a similar effect to other e-stim devices and many TENS units.

Orgasm – This mode starts with a highly erotic synchronized ramp and very slowly builds in urgency until it reaches a frantic pace and then resets and does it again. MA control adjusts the pulse frequency.

Torment – This mode was designed for BDSM more than pleasure. It delivers brief random stimulation at random times and varying intensities. MA control adjusts the pulse frequency. You may want to set the output levels higher than for other modes.

Phase 1 & 2 – These advanced modes use TriPhase stimulation and require a special electrode configuration. The MA control adjusts the speed of the TriPhase effect. Phase 2 randomizes the effect while each channel varies in intensity for added variety. See AdvancedSection A4 for more information on TriPhase.

Phase 3 – This is another TriPhase mode as above. It creates three unique currents from only two channels. See AdvancedSection A4.

User 1 through 6 – These are displayed for custom stimulation routines you can add using the optional ErosLink software. If you do not have ErosLink software, these modes will not display. ErosLink is available from ErosTek and most dealers. See Section A5 for more information.


If you find yourself turning the Level controls all the way up, see Section A2 on how to increase the Power Level. Most types of electrodes must be thoroughly moist to work properly – except for conductive gel adhesive pads. Electrode gel is best but many report good results using ordinary water based lube with a tiny pinch of baking soda or contact lens saline solution mixed in. Some conductive rubber accessories may limit the intensity due to their design and become less conductive with repeated use. Electrodes made from solid, polished, body-safe metals – namely aluminum and stainless steel – provide the best conductivity even with repeated use.

Current must always flow between two contacts. Smaller contacts usually feel more intense compared to larger ones. If the contacts used on a given channel are much different in size, most of the sensation will usually be concentrated at the smaller contact. Keep in mind that electrodes used near muscles may cause powerful muscle contractions at higher settings. Increase levels gradually and use caution if using the ET312B on someone else. Consider what effects muscle contraction might have. For example, it’s not a good idea to use electrodes on the legs of a standing person. The stimulation could make them fall.

The body gradually adapts to electrostimulation so either more current is required after sustained stimulation or the electrodes should be moved to a fresh area. The wider the variety of stimulation, the slower the body adapts. It’s normal for sustained and/or intense stimulation to leave the area temporarily numb. Keep this in mind depending on what other activities you may have planned. When using music for audio based stimulation, it is normal for quiet passages to produce little or no output-especially with classical music. Music with a more consistent volume level works best.


The ET312B displays the amount of battery charge remaining when you first turn it on. The battery level is only an estimate and will vary with different conditions. With the charge level above 70%, you can expect at least 4 to 6 hours of battery life remaining. If the battery level is below 30%, you should charge the battery as soon as possible. The battery is charged simply by connecting the AC adapter with the ET312B turned OFF. Charging takes 4 to 6 hours but it’s OK to leave the AC adapter connected for extended periods as the charging automatically shuts off when complete.

Unlike other e-stim products, the ET312B stimulation intensity remains the same whether connected to the AC adapter or operated on battery power and it does not grow weaker as the battery discharges. Run time depends on which modes are used and the output intensity. Higher intensities and frequencies will reduce the run time. If you’re not using a channel, keep the level for that channel turned down to maximize battery life.

Properly cared for, the battery is rated for 1000+ charge cycles. The SLA battery used in the ET312B is free from “memory effect” and frequent charging will extend its life. Running the battery dead or storing the ET312B with a low battery will greatly reduce the battery life. If the unit is not being used, charge the battery every 6 months.


The ET312B, like most electronic devices, should be treated with reasonable care. If you snag one of the leads and drag it off a table onto the floor, it will likely break. Sometimes, the safest place for it is on the bed or on the floor. It’s also designed to be set up with the controls and display facing up.

Do not use the ET312B along with or near high-voltage “violet wand” devices. Their extreme voltages can damage many electronic devices. Never connect the output channels together except as shown in Section A4 – TriPhase.

Do not use solvents or alcohol to clean the unit. Keep liquids out of it. Don’t use anything harsh on the front panel or it will scratch.

Don’t leave the ET312B in the sun. If the unit has been exposed to unusually hot or cold temperatures, let it adjust to room temperature before using it.

Do not attempt to modify or repair the ET312B yourself unless directed by ErosTek. The unit is requires special care when opening the case and handling certain components. You can easily damage the ET312B and you will void the warranty by attempting to open it. If you carry your ET312B onto an airplane, be prepared to explain what it is, or refer to it as a piece of “audio test equipment”. If you ship it or place it in checked baggage, be sure to cushion it very well and protect the power switch from being pushed in during shipping.


Consider the ET312B similar to an advanced camera. Most users let their cameras set the exposure, focus automatically, decide when to use the flash, etc. In a similar way, the ET312B normally automates several adjustments. Some users, however, may want more control. This section is intended for advanced users and is optional reading.


Main Menu – Pressing the MENU key enters the main menu. The UP and the DOWN keys now display various menu options and the OK key selects a displayed menu item. To return to normal operation without making any changes, simply press the MENU key again.

Start Ramp Up? – Pressing OK will immediately reduce the intensity of both channels and slowly ramp it back up again. The amount of reduction and the ramp time are adjustable in the Advanced Adjustment Menu. The ramp time can be adjusted from less than one minute to more than an hour. The ramp level is displayed on the LCD.

Changing to another mode will cancel the ramp and return the ET312B to normal operation.

The Ramp Up function does not work in the Random1 mode.

This Ramp Up function offers some interesting options. It can be used to gradually increase the output over time to adjust for the normal desensitization that occurs during prolonged e-stim. Used this way, the perceived output level will remain approximately constant.

It can also be used to deliberately increase the intensity over time which some people find highly erotic. It can challenge the user to complete the ramp cycle much like a weightlifter is challenged to complete a certain workout routine. Allowing the person connected to see the gradually increasing display can be very arousing in a BDSM scenario.

Set Split Mode? – Pressing OK allows you to select which two modes are used when Split is selected. So, for example, you might choose Audio 1 for Channel A and Waves for Channel B or one of 80 other combinations. Simply select the mode for A, press OK, then select the mode for B and press OK.

Not all modes are available to Split as some require both channels to function correctly and certain combinations may not work as expected.

Set As Favorite? – Pressing OK will select the current mode as your favorite mode. This means next time you turn on your ET312B, it will automatically start in your favorite mode. The default is Waves.

Set Pwr Level? – Pressing OK brings up the Power Level menu. The ET312B offers three ranges of intensity – Low, Normal and High. The unit is set to Normal from the factory. If you’re using the ET312B mainly for pleasure, or otherwise want to restrict the maximum output, the Low range is useful. If you’re using it for very intense BDSM, the High range can be selected. The new power level will go into effect immediately when OK is pressed.

CAUTION! Turn down the Level controls before changing the Power Level. Use extra care when using the High setting. If already using High, and you want still more power, increase the Pulse Width setting – see Section A3.

Link Slave Unit? – Pressing OK will attempt to link a second ET312B as a “slave” unit. When linked, the slave unit will mirror the actions of the “master” unit. This provides four channels of stimulation coordinated by one ET312B. Only the two Level controls are used on the slave unit to adjust the intensity of the third and fourth channels. The link works in most but not all modes. If you desire four channels of audio stimulation, use a Y cable or two microphones to feed the same audio source to both units.

To link two ET312Bs, first turn both units off and connect the Link jacks together using the optional Link Cable. Then, with both units ON, select the “Link Slave Unit?” option on the master unit. If the link is established, a “Linked” message is displayed and the master unit may now be used normally and the slave unit will “mirror” its actions. If it fails, an error is displayed and you must turn both units off and back on before you can try again.

Save Settings? – Pressing OK saves your choices for the Split mode, Power Level and the Advanced Menu values in nonvolatile memory. The ET312B will use these saved values in the future.

Reset Settings? – Pressing OK will reset the unit back to the factory default settings. If your ET312B isn’t working the way it used to, this menu choice will set it back to the optimum factory settings.

Adjust Advanced? – Pressing OK will bring up another layer of menus. These are for experienced e-stim enthusiasts only. If you are not familiar with concepts like pulse width, modulation and frequency, we recommend you do not alter these settings.


From the main menu, press the DOWN key to reach “Adjust Advanced?”, then press “OK” to select from the menus below. These menus are intended for the advanced user looking to further “fine tune” the sensations the ET312B produces. These settings are optimized at the factory and need not be changed for most users.

Some modes dynamically adjust various parameters. For example, Climb is constantly changing the frequency. The MultiAdjust control is also often assigned to one or more parameters for each mode.

For these reasons, only some of the following adjustments will work in any given mode. These settings are all saved–even after the power is turned off– when the “Save Settings” function is executed from the main menu. Experiment to feel the effects. RampLevel Adjust? – This allows you to set the starting level for the Ramp function. The factory default is 70% and the range is 50% to 100%. Setting it at 50% means the output intensity will double from the beginning to the end of the ramp. This is more of an in– crease than many people are comfortable with. Setting it to 100% effectively disables the Ramp function.

RampTime Adjust? – This allows you to adjust the time (in seconds) between each ramp increment. The factory setting is 20 seconds. The range is 1 to 120 seconds per increment. With the factory settings, there are 30 steps between 70% and 100%. At 20 seconds per step, that’s 600 seconds total time (10 minutes). If you set RampTime to 120 seconds, it would be 3600 seconds (1 hour). Note: You may not feel the output go up for each 1% increment depending on the mode and level settings. This is normal.

Depth Adjust? – This adjusts the modulation depth of some of the modes. For example, on Stroke, it alters the range of the stroking effect. The factory setting is 50 and the range is 10 to 100.

Tempo Adjust? – This adjusts the intensity modulation speed and other rate parameters of some modes. The factory setting is 10 and the range is 1 to 100.

Freq. Adjust? – This adjusts the frequency of the pulses. Higher settings feel smoother and have more energy. The default is 150Hz.

Effect Adjust? – This adjusts the rate of various frequency effects. The factory setting is 5 and the range is 1 – 100. 18

Width Adjust? – This adjusts the pulse width. Pulse width affects the perceived intensity and “feel” of the stimulation. Wider pulse widths feel more intense and narrow pulse widths feel softer. The value indicates the width of each half of the bipolar pulse in microseconds. In general, use smaller values for pleasure e-stim and higher values for BDSM e-stim. See also “Set Pwr Level?” in section A2. The factory setting is 130 and the range is 70 – 250 microseconds.

Note: Altering the factory pulse width will cause some modes (including some in Random1) to feel dramatically more intense than others. Extra care must then be used when changing modes.

Pace Adjust? – This adjusts the rate or interval of certain modes.


TriPhase is an ErosTek exclusive feature. It creates three stimulation currents using only two channels. It is especially important the Phase and Audio3 modes never be used above the waist. While the output channels are normally electrically isolated, TriPhase creates a common connection between the channels so they are no longer isolated. Audio3 also supports wave files using phase effects.

TriPhase can be used two ways. The standard method uses three (3) electrodes with one common connection between the two channels.

As shown in the diagram on Page 19, the striped wire of each channel is connected together to form a common connection. Never connect both wires from each channel together. You can purchase a TriPhase Adapter Cable from ErosTek and most dealers.

Think about the “triangle” of current flow when you place the three electrodes. For a male, a typical example might be to attach the common electrode at the base of the penis and testicles. The A electrode would then be used near the end of the penis and the B electrode on the scrotum or an anal plug. With this configuration, when using the Phase modes, three currents will flow in the body. The first flows from A to the Common point. The second flows from B to the Common point. The third unique (phase) current flows directly from A to B.

Some of the TriPhase effect can also be enjoyed using a more conventional four wire hook up. To feel the TriPhase current, you need to create overlapping current paths in the body. So, for example, a male might connect Output A to the head of the penis and one contact of an anal plug. Output B would connect from the testicles to the other contact of the anal plug. This will create overlapping current paths around the the genitals and prostate area.

The TriPhase effect will vary dramatically depending on the electrodes, their locations, and the setting of the Level and MultiAdjust controls. Feel free to experiment–but only below the waist. You can purchase a TriPhase Adapter Cable from ErosTek and most dealers.


Microphone Options – The microphone signal is mixed in with the right channel Audio input. If a music player and the microphone are both connected, adjusting the volume on the music player and adjusting the MA control will allow the music stimulation to be balanced with sounds picked up by the microphone. The ET312B is designed for electret computer (PC) compatible microphones. A headset style microphone can be interesting for some applications.

Wave File Processing – Some e-stim enthusiasts have generated computer based wave files for use with erotic e-stim. These files are available on the Internet and can be played back using iTunes or other music player software. They can also be encoded as MP3 files and played back using a computer or a portable music player. Some use these files to drive an audio amplifier and use the output for e-stim. This is not safe for many reasons!. The ET312B is specially designed to process wave files into a proper TENS–style e-stim waveform opening up many new creative possibilities. The Audio3 mode should be used for these files and wave frequencies around 300Hz or 600Hz will work best. Audio3 preserves phase information and can be used with the TriPhase connections – see Section A4.

DIY Wired Remote Control – The right channel Audio input (the middle contact on the 3.5mm plug) has response down to DC. This allows an external DC voltage, from 0 to 2 volts, to be used to proportionally control the output of the ET312B in the Audio 1 and Audio 2 modes. The MA control can be used to set the adjustment range. A simple 1.5 volt battery circuit connected with “+” to the middle ring on the plug and “-” to the base of the plug will make a remote.


With the optional ErosLink Software and cable, you can add up to six new routines to your ET312B at one time, share routines with others, and even design your own.


Self Test – The ET312B runs a complete check every time you power it on and monitors various conditions while operating. If any problems are found, the ET312B is designed to shut off the outputs and either reset itself or display an error message.

Low Battery Message – Normally this means you need to connect the AC adapter and charge the battery. If you keep getting this message, leave the unit off to charge for awhile. It can also mean the wrong AC adapter is being used or that your battery module needs to be replaced. ET312B Battery Modules can be purchased from the ErosTek website.

LCD Adjustment – The LCD normally does not require any adjustment. If the ET312B is operated in unusually hot or cold areas, the LCD adjustment can be used to optimize the contrast. Use a small flat blade screwdriver such as those used to repair eye glasses.

Failure Messages – If a failure message is displayed, the error codes below may indicate the likely problem:

If any other code number is displayed, it may indicate a more serious problem with your ET312B. If you continue to receive a failure message, note the failure number and contact ErosTek

Both LEDs Blink ON and OFF during startup – This could happen if a software upgrade did not complete properly or if the MENU and UP keys are held down during power up. Try turning the power off and back on again. If the LEDs still blink, this indicates a firmware error or other serious problem.

Other Problems – If your unit fails to operate properly, hold down the UP and DOWN keys before turning on the power and keep them held down until the self test completes. This will reset the unit to the factory settings. Having an audio source connected when using non–audio modes can cause some unusual variations. It’s normal for leadwires and accessories to fail after extended use. Replacing them fixes common problems quickly.

USA Limited Warranty

ErosTek products purchased by customers residing in the USA are warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase by ErosTek. This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, wear and tear, batteries or products which have been disassembled or tampered with.

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ErosTek will repair or replace defective products at no charge as stipulated herein with new or reconditioned parts or products during the warranty period. Contact ErosTek for more information on obtaining warranty repair service. A copy of the dated sales receipt is required for warranty repairs. The customer is responsible for shipping costs and properly packing the unit. Warranty rights vary from state to state.

This Limited Warranty shall not extend to anyone other than the original purchaser, is nontransferable and states your exclusive remedy.


Customers use the ET312B at their own risk understanding the ET312B may be harmful if misused. Please understand that, given the nature of electro-stimulation, ErosTek cannot be liable for any damage or harm of any kind caused by or related to ErosTek products. Treat the ET312B like a sharp knife or power tool. It must be used properly or serious injury may result.

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CE Compliance: Connected lead wires must be less than 3 meters (118”) long.

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